Wreath Making with Turtle Mat Challenge

7 Dec

Anyone who knows me well will know I love a good old crafty challenge. So when I was sent some items by the team over at Turtle Mat to make my own Christmas wreath, at first I was really excited. I thought of the cosy crochet wreaths I have seen all over pinterest and knew what I wanted to do.

However the Kit I was sent was for more the traditional flower wreath kit and panic set in….How would I be able to make a wreath with no flowers from my garden? I have no tree’s or bushes to plunder for greenery and began to worry that mine would end up looking like all the other faux flower wreaths out there.

But being an individual means you simply cannot do what everyone else wants to do. So my challenge began, and it started with an old copy of Harry potter and the goblet of fire.

Harry Potter BookForgive me book gods for I am about to sin, but it will be worth it, because not only will it be beautiful, but it shall have a hidden geeky side. Something which I am quite proud of, and dont worry because the finished product will look like this.Harry potter book wreathAre we excited now? Maybe just a little bit?

So for this wreath you are going to need

  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • metal wreath base or Cardboard wreath
  • An old book of your choice
  • Accessories such as my robin and berry centres for the flowers
  • Ribbon to hang

Optional extras

  • Ruler to cut your flower squares into 10cm squares for the Origami
  • Cutting mat
  • Stanley knife/ scalpel if you want to cut multiple sheets.

Things you needTo start you will need to tie some ribbon to the centre top of your wreath before covering. This will mean it wont shift and your wreath will always be central. You are then going to tear out your pages and cut into thin strips to cover the wreath and create a flat base for the paper cones to stick to.If you are using a homemade cardboard wreath you still should do this step as it means any gaps will blend with the cones.You can use your glue gun to stick each piece down.Cover the wreathOnce the wreath is covered you can start to roll and glue each of your cones. I used a page per cone for the outer ring, and half a page per cone for the second ring. Each was glued into place using the glue gun. Starting at 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm and then filling in between.

Once you have built up your 2 layers of cones they should look a bit like mine in the picture below. I try to imagine it looking a bit like a Dahlia.

2 layers of cones

Now is the fun bit, we get to have ago at a bit of Origami. You will need 5 x  10 cm squares for each flower. So because I had 3 flowers that’s 15. I learnt how to make these by watching the video below. The reason I chose these flowers as I thought they looked a little like a Poinsettia to me. I know they aren’t, but I liked them for that reason.

Origami book pagesAfter constructing the flowers I gave them all berries for centre’s because I thought they looked cute that way, and hot glued them to the bottom left of my wreath. You can put them where you would like.  I then added one of my red robins I received in my box of crafty bits and voila! CLose up of robinAfter making this wreath I couldn’t help but think of other cool ways you could make this wreath but in different papers. Wrapping paper, Brown Paper, Old comic books for colour and pop and even a mixture of all 3. I hope you liked my wreath and hopefully the team at Turtle Mat will like it too. If you would like to check out what Turtle mat have to offer then you can do so over on the website Turtle Mat 

I personally love the Fox mat, but then again I do love Foxes x