Up-Cycling existing furniture on the cheap

7 Oct

Hello everyone

Here at the craftybluefox head quarters we have been very busy getting the house ready for the shift in seasons. We also have been upcycling some of our existing furniture to make the most of it.

Currently I have redone our kitchen table and pine chairs going from a very simple old fashioned drop leaf to a beautiful matching piece of furniture.

Old pine ChairsUnfortunatley I didnt take a before picture of my table but it was pretty much the same colour as these chairs.

First I decided on my colours and what I wanted to do. I bought 3 tins of Black satin spray paint from Wilkos and sprayed the chairs and the base of the table. (I left the top for a reason)

After sprayingYou can see the difference here between the two sets of chairs.

Clear coat timeI then set too giving all my newly painted black items a lovely couple of coats of clear satin varnish. I used a Ronseal make as it was going cheap at work. Its water based so it didnt pull the paint off the chairs either.

While the paint was drying we went to Dunelm, and I purchased a metre of pvc fabric for my table top and also I took some sample paper from the Range as I liked the fact it was vintage Whisky, rum and vodka bottle labels. I will show you what I did with it in a moment.Drying the varnish

You can see what I have done with the table at this point. We considered doing it al black but decided against it in the end. Hubby took the side of the table off that we dont use and I used some spray adhesive on the table top. I then laid out my pvc and stuck it tightly. Trimming and turning under as we went.Finished Upcycle tableThe end product looked like this, and I am very happy with the result. Please excuse the floor its been pulled up and awaiting something to cover it.New LifeMy table will now have a new lease of life in my kitchen.

Now do you remember that little piece of sample paper? Well My husband has a wooden shelf near the back door which he uses for allsorts of bits and pieces. keys, tobacco, A dragon and other bits. It has been here since we moved in and is incredibly dirty and worn.Old shelfUsing PVA and water mix I decide to wallpaper the shelf exactly as I would if I was putting it on the wall. I allowed the shelf time to dry then gave it a good 5/6 coats of varnish to protect the paper. The finished result is amazing.Retro shelf from wallpaperI doubt this would look out of place in a trendy shop or wine bar, and I love it. Who would have thought wallpaper could look so good on an old shelf? Altogether I bought the paint and varnish and tablecloth for £20 and I still have enough varnish to make many other projects like this, and Im already eyeing up the tables in the front room.

What do you think?

Have you done any up cycling?

How did it turn out?