The Simple things in life

3 Nov

Today is November 2nd and for the first time I feel winter is truly on its way.

I woke up this morning at 7am to thick, thick fog. The heating had been set to come on at 6-30 am so it wasn’t too bad getting out of bed to get Jay ready for School.

He felt differently, as he dragged on his school clothes and proceeded to make a crochet blanket nest in front of the hot radiator in the front room. First days back to school this time of year are always hardest, the dark mornings and cold make for a rather unpleasant morning routine.

I felt a bit annoyed with myself as the milk had gone bad a few days ago so it was toast for brekky when I really wanted to send him to school with a hot bowl of porridge and honey in his tummy but at least he didnt go hungry like so many kids do.

After seeing him off out the door it was time to get ready for work. I took some chicken and mince out the freezer to defrost, made a quick list of any veg I needed for tea and off I trotted to work.

The thick fog made for an eerie walk to work, and heading over the footbridge over the train tracks wouldn’t have been out of place in a silent hill movie.

My shift went quickly, and a quick meeting with my supervisor and all was done. I pulled out my shopping list of a few veggies and headed off to Aldi in search of fresh produce. Lots of veggies later, 2 bags of rice, and some eggs later and I walked home.

With the cold and fog its felt very chilly, so i popped the heating on for a little while, and put some clothes onto the airing rack to dry instead of putting the dryer on.Drying clothesTrying to cut back the use on the tumble dryer as it costs a fortune to run. I then decided to save on cooking for my weds shift and popped a chilli in the slow cooker for a good 4 hours.

Slow cooker chilli

Doesn’t need to be fancy but it sure does warm the tummy on a cold night, Chilli really is a one of my favorites, and the fact you can bulk it out with extra veggies makes it super budget friendly too.

After making the chilli, I set too making a yummy tea, and the current favorite in our household is Salt and Pepper chicken (slimming world recipe) with slimming world Egg fried Rice and then some Thai sweet Chilli sauce on the top. Heaven. Its like a proper Chinese takeaway and its really gone down well in the last few weeks in our house.

After tea, my mum popped over for a little while to pick up my  oil filled radiator, as her boiler has broken and wont be fixed for a few days, so Ive insisted she take it to keep her warm even if its just in one room.

We then spent the rest of the evening sat in the front room keeping snuggled up and watching telly. Tomorrow I have a day off and Im hoping to get some cleaning up done and also pop into town for some last minute bits and pieces.

See you all tomorrow

Enjoy the simple things