Simple Spring Cleaning with old fashioned products

17 Jan

Stardrops cleaning supplies

Its been a busy start to the year down at the Craftybluefox household. With my week off I’ve been spending it doing my usual spring clean but with a difference. I’ve gone back to using stardrops for all my cleaning supplies.

I’ve done my cupboards, and my pantry, and the bathroom and kitchen so far, and even just looking at my worktop in this picture you can see the white vinegar spray does its job just as well as most other cleaning products. Now many people ask, does white vinegar spray smell? Well the answer is yes, its smells exactly like white vinegar for the first few minutes, and then the smell clears and its no longer there. So don’t expect it to smell like flash or anything else, its smells just like vinegar.

I’m using the disinfectant spray for the bathroom, the all purpose and vinegar is for my kitchen and the power cleaner is for my bathroom and kitchen hard floors. So far I’m super impressed with all of the products which were all purchased from home bargains at 99p or less each. So I’ve spent less then £4 on cleaning products for the entire house and it will last ages I’m sure. Don’t you just love the idea of getting back to basics? Simple cleaning products your parents or grandparents used.

Another top tip is to get hold of some household soap. Its usually green and you can pick it up from Amazon as most high streets have stopped selling it. Its “the” best stain remover bar you can buy. I’ve tried allsorts on my sons clothes when he makes a mess of them which most boys do and this bar of soap just needs a bit of warm water and rubbing into the stain then a normal wash. Its even gotten biro ink out of a white school shirt which really impressed me.

green household soapI was lucky to pick up some bars from wilkos before they stopped selling it but I do believe its best to get from Amazon now.

Do you take part in spring cleaning? If so what products do you use and what would you recommend?

This is not a review, its just a personal opinion on my favourite cleaning supplies.