Simple pleasures in my day this week

27 Apr

My simple pleasures.

Today Im trying to be positive and so I thought I would share with you guys a few simple pleasures in my day. The kind of things that bring a smile to my face no matter what.

Firstly I love a walk

Not just any walk but a walk with my boy, we chat about all kinds of things no matter the weather.

Simple pleasure a walk

A pretty view, now this is a view of the train tracks very close to my little terrace cottage. The flowers on the tree are a crab apple tree, you can just make out our row of houses and the chimney stacks of Tata steel behind us. xSimple pleasure a nice view

A new cup or glass, in which to enjoy a cold drink. Just a pound from the local shop and it has a positive message of “Do what you love”Do what you love

And finally some wool, one of my favourite things to make me happy. This is the choice of colours for Lucy of Attic24’s cupcake blanket which I love. I dont normally go for pastels but I couldnt resist spending the little bit of money I was very kindly given for our wedding Anniversary on these. It will make a beautiful blanket to wrap up in together on our sofa.Attic24 cupcake colours

Also the first few rows for you to see how pretty these colours go together.IMG_20160427_101213

All we need now is for the weather to brighten up and to see spring truly emerge from all this wet and cold miserable weather.

I also popped round to see my neighbour who was celebrating her birthday today, and her mum made her this fabulous cakeChocolate cake

Oh and in other news my step sister has found out her and her husband are expecting a baby in November, so that’s two in the family now. I already have one blanket made, now just awaiting the choices of mummy number two before I start hers x