Setting goals for the new year ahead

8 Dec

I know its a little early to be setting those dreaded New Years Resolutions but I read a post recently on Moneysaving expert and it struck a cord with how I feel I would like to change our lifestyle and life next year.

We already got ourselves into shape this year, I lost 3 stone 5 via the help of Slimming world and Im keeping it off. The hubster also lost 1 and a half stones and our lad got into a healthier lifestyle too with no measurements on weight loss or size but he has learnt alot about making healthy choices.

So next year we are kicking off with our change to how we buy and consume.

We already got ourselves an allotment ready to grow our own produce in the spring. I spent yesterday cleaning out all my mini greenhouses ready for after Chrimbo so we can start some seedlings off.

Clean greenhouses

I have lots and lots of seeds so I cant wait to get started, damn this cold weather.

So as well as growing our own, I want to try to reduce the amount of money we spend on things we dont need. We all do it, going to the shops for toilet paper and coming back with 4 extra items. Its annoying because you KNOW you DONT NEED THEM. But we buy it anyway.

Oh “thats a good price” or “Wow thats so cheap” and those little conversations in our heads we have to make the purchase we just made ok in our minds.

Apart from the hopeful purchase of a Car, insurance and the like next year when hubby passes his test, Id really like to not spend any more then I have to next year.

Im planning to budget our shopping, bills, and outgoings and this WILL lead to having more left over each month which I would like to save towards a deposit for a house.

Its going to be a long journey and I really hope you will come along for the ride. I will be shopping for clothes at the local carboots (except for uniforms for school), holding a few car boots to raise extra money. Knitting and hopefully filling my etsy shop to make a few extra quid and this WILL all lead to a better future for us.

Christmas chutney

I also want to start learning to preserve alot of our produce. Above is my beautiful new preserving pan which I got to use for the first time the other day. I made Nigellas Christmas Cranberry Chutney and popped it away ready for boxing day. We are planning to have lots of cheeses, hams, breads, crackers and chutney for it instead of another cooked meal. Its less hassle and much more relaxed. If the chutneys go down well, Im planning on making the family homemade foody basket hampers for Christmas next year. To contain Jams, chutneys, wine or beverage of some sort, and cakes.

So thats pretty much it.

Do you have any tips for me to help achieve all this next year? Will you be joining me?