My recent crochet makes and all on a budget

28 Mar

Hello everyone just thought I would pop in and share some of my recent crochet makes I’ve been doing. Ive been going through a bit of a crochet blanket phase, and while I love the two big blankets Im working on (cath kidston granny stripe and my harry potter graphgan) I wanted to make some smaller baby blankets for friends and family.

My fave baby crochet blanket is currently the ripple blanket.

I made the first one just because I loved the colours and I think they remind me of spring, and raspberry ripple ice cream.

This one was made for a family member as they don’t know what they are having yet so I asked what neutral colours they preferred and they chose white, grey and mint green. I love the colour choices and I think it looks very modern.

The blanket pattern is adapted from Attic24’s easy ripple blanket.

I start my chain with 100ch and it makes a perfect pram blanket size.

I’ve made these blankets in a mixture of woolcraft DK and some of the poundworlds own baby DK wool and I’m actually really impressed in their quality and texture. Its very soft and snuggly .  I still have my two big blankets to do but these kept me out of trouble the last few weeks. I often find crochet has been my therapy, its something I do without really thinking. It keeps me calm and at the end I have a lovely item to show off.

Not just the ripples but other blankets I have made was this giant granny square from leftover wool I had about the house and from the other blankets.

I think it looks really nice and I worked it on a 5 mm hook so it got bigger quite quickly. Again these are very spring like colours, and I love how they go together. The spring change and the hour coming forward has helped in lifting my mood somewhat from the beginning of the year.  Im looking into making this blog what it was once more, it was a great outlet for me and I really want to get back into it.

Id love to hear what you think about my blankets,please feel free to leave a comment x