Frugal Camping at Skegness Water Leisure Park

23 Aug

So sorry guys for the lack of posts recently, but we have been camping away for the last 2 weeks on and off. So I thought I would share our recent trips with you.

The first week was a planned trip to Skegness to the Skegness water leisure park, a place we have stayed before but this time we had the EHU and the bigger tent. We went with my mum in law, and my next door neighbour and her little boy. They pitched next to us in a small 2 man.

Green BeastWe was staying for 3 nights, and we got lovely weather for it. In fact it was really muggy so we spent alot of time trying to keep cool.Enjoying the sunshineFirst night we enjoyed a few beers and just chilled by the tent, I forgot the sandwiches I had made and left in the fridge before coming so we had to nip out for some chips.Enjoying the tentI brought our new to us halogen cooker which was great as it meant we could cook almost anything you would cook in an oven or grill on it. A great piece of kit to take camping in my opinion if you have an EHU its worth it. We cooked Bacon, sausages, heated up pies and pasties and even made toast on ours.Cooking BaconWe had some time on the beach and made a river from the sea to our castle.Playing on the beachWe also took a dip in the sea! Well the boys did, they were much braver then I was. I don’t think I could have done it.SwimmingWe also took a look around the local shops and my usual Geek radar went off a few times.Shadowmourn Shadowmourn from the game, World of Warcraft amongst some other cool swords and knives etc.Stranglings Some figures called strangelings which I found adorable, I especially love the Alice and Snow white figure at the back.Game of thrones prettiesI could have spent a fortune on collectables but since we were on a tight budget I took pictures instead.

We also had a walk to Fantasy Island, were the boys got a wristband courtesy of double-ling up some tesco clubcard points which meant they got them for nothing.Long walk to the beachIt was a fair walk to Fantasy Island and our little legged friend managed to hitch a ride for the Majority of the way.

Waiting for a fast rideThe boys got their trills on the fast rides, and roller coasters while I sat and ate a bag of gritts I managed to find in a poundshop which made my week complete.

Our holiday wasnt expensive. We did what we could on the cheap and chose to eat simple meals and the occasional bag of chips made it very easy to keep to a budget.

Our pitch was £24 a night which included our electric, and although it was a great price, the site for me has lost its appeal due to some very noisy other campers, and the occasional ball hitting the tent. In the end I ended up buying some ear plugs and resorted to late night reading in my bed to try and wind down.

The site itself was clean and tidy, with regular bin collections and people kept the pitches clean.

The onsite shop is a little gem and although some things are a little dear, most was the average price of your local corner shop or Spar, so it wasn’t bank breaking.

The Sunday dinners at the carvery was a real find. Their onsite pub does a fantastic value for money carvery for a small adult it was £5.50 and you got a choice of turkey or beef, with loads of veg all of which was fresh not the frozen stuff. The icing on the cake was we got a pudding included in that price too. A small slice of apple pie and custard or trifle. Pub beerThe pub was also reasonable, with prices on beer being what you would expect from your local pub. We only stayed for one or 2 to keep within budget but it was very friendly with dogs being welcome and children also aloud till late.

This site is a good camp site for big families on a moderate budget. We had a good time, and came back very tired. Not a bad little holiday. If you aren’t bothered by a slightly noisy camp site, I would definitely recommend this site too you.