Do you love Cupcakes?

14 Aug

Of course you do, who doesn’t love a good cupcake.

Well today me and my lad was doing our usual shopping and popped into our local market.

Being supportive of local businesses we always pop past a few of the ones we visit and say hello. Today we noticed a stall I hadn’t seen before, and we was drawn in by the amazing display of cakes.

Just CupcakesI got talking to the owner Jo , a fellow cake lover like myself about how long she had been been in business and such stuff. We discussed the highs and lows of the cake business, and how people don’t really want to pay for these hand crafted cakes any more then they want to pay £10 for an Asda cake (there’s nothing wrong with this I’ve bought on many occasions). It took me back to the many cakes ive made myself, the thoughts about going into a business and then to give up to know that I wont profit from it is a harsh choice to make on a passion you love.

These are some of the cakes I made and i do miss it but I know I made the right choice.

Anyway the lady at Just Cupcakes has gone from celebration cakes to just cupcakes. The choices of flavours was huge. Me and Jack walked away from the counter with a Chocolate mint and a Peanut Butter cupcake (I purchased them, this is not a paid review)

Peanut ButterPeanut ButterChocolate Mint

Chocolate Mint

The cupcakes were just £1 each, amazing price for what you got and was hugeeeee. You deffo can only eat one, the amount of frosting on these beasts even made my ever hungry tween stop towards the end.

I showed my sister and even she thinks they look brilliant, and is planning on a big order for her hubbies birthday.

So well done guys at Just cupcakes they are great and if you read this post and are in the local area to Scunthorpe, may I suggest you pop down to check them out.

Open daily except for Wednesdays.

Just Cupcakes link <<<Website

This was a totally independent review of a local business, I received no payments or goods in exchange for my opinion.