Cosywool Scarf Challenge entry level DRAGON

25 Nov

Welcome hearty warrior

If you have found this post be prepared it contains Yarn porn.

So last Month I was approached about entering a competition by Cosywool to make a cool scarf for winter using some of their wool from their range. Challenge accepted I say and prepare for battle.

I spent a long time trying to decide what kind of armour  I mean scarf, I wanted to make. It had to be warm but also must be capable of defending me in battle.

When I walk out into the world I want people to fear me….well ok maybe not fear me….perhaps cross the road a little ……and maybe avoid eye contact…..ok well maybe not….ok, moving on.

Flicking through the website I decided on using Aran wool, its a bit thicker and will be a bit more snug in the cold. It also adds +15 dexterity and +20 damage. Whats that? It doesnt? ok well nobody else knows that do they? No ? Good.

Stylecraft SpiceI always use Stylecraft its definitely my favourite brand of wool, and the colour is called Spice. I think at the time I was looking I was thinking too much about pumpkins and Autumn and falling leaves as this was why I went for this colour.

The pattern I went with was a simple 4 repeat pattern to give a lovely raised texture effect. Something which I believe resembles dragon scales. Being a bit of a geek I loved this idea so I dove straight in and made it as long as I could using the 2 balls. After all the longer it is, the more protection it will offer right?

Anyone wanting the pattern can email me and Ill send it to them.

Once I got to the end I did a whip stitch sew both ends together to form a circle. This is now a very cosy infinity style dragon scale armour scarf….so yeah, let the battle commence!

Dragon scales Ive tried to get a close up of my stitches but my phone camera is a bit limited. But you can see that its very textured or should I say Scaley? Is that even a word?

Now for the money shot, well I say this but Im not the best model so please excuse my rather stupid face, I like to think I was braving the wilds, and preparing for battle in my newly hand crafted piece of armour neck wear. I totally wasn’t waiting to cross the road on my way to work one early morning and trying to avoid stares of “Is she taking a selfie? ” NO NO NO  I totally wasnt! I was taking early morning battle pictures “DOH”


Ugh I really do hate pictures of myself.

Anyway so this is my entry to the Cosywool scarf challenge. I believe the prize will be more battle gear equipment. Lets hope they judge on my actual item and not on my silly post.

Glory to the Alliance