Being a family in 2016 Britain is getting harder

25 Feb

Having a family in 2016 Britain is tough

Sorry for the recent absence in my blog, I promise that there’s nothing serious going on but as my title suggests being a Family in Britain in 2016 is getting harder. I’m not and will never compare my life to those in a third world country because I realise that having electricity, running water and a roof over my head to be a luxury compared to those in third world countries.

But I’m finding that I’m having to tell myself that having all these things are now considered a luxury in Britain, and it never fails to shock me. I’ve found feeding my family to become more and more of a challenge as I’m constantly checking my budget, comparing prices and being careful we don’t go over the limits we have set.

I work part time, and we get working tax. My husband has been a house husband and is looking for employment, but in a town like ours which was built on its steelworks which is now shutting down most of its plants, and making redundancies every few months. When you know of at least 2/3 people personally each time being left without a job you know the future doesn’t look to good for this town.

When a town like ours is loosing its main focus of industry, you find other firms and companies no longer want to stay either, and the high street begins to dwindle. Local sellers and owners can no longer afford to employ and eventually they themselves sell up and move on.

So things like having a job (which I do and one I fortunately enjoy) is amongst the list of things I consider myself to be very grateful to have. But even so, its still not enough.

My favourite past time of crafting and creating is now becoming a thing of the past, I can no longer afford to pay for endless supplies of fabric, yarn and other such luxuries. My cooking has become more limited I we find ourselves searching for recipes that are filling and affordable so we can make the budget stretch even further. I do manage the odd ball of wool every so often, and many of my projects Im doing currently have come from a stash on wool in my wardrobe that is now almost depleted so please don’t think I’m being untruthful.

It comes even harder today as I gave my son his 4 presents and £50 I have squirrelled away over the last few weeks for his 12th Birthday. Those 4 presents were a jumper, a body warmer and two boxes of chocolates, so nothing extravagant. Of course being my son, he wasn’t upset and actually overjoyed at the sight of 5 £10 notes in his card (what youngster doesn’t like money) but I wished it was more. I realise that I’m not alone, that while I still have a home, heat and food that I should take stock and appreciate what I have in life considering the so many, so many families, children and the unseen poor of this country. Why I find myself no longer socialising for fear of boring someone to tears of my cant haves and wont be able to’s. For telling my son, I’m sorry but we cant go to the cinema this week, and that times are tough at the moment, but I know we can make it through and will continue to do so.

Im sorry that this post is not what you are used too at Craftybluefox, and I hope to continue soon but this has always been my outlet and my voice and I felt I needed to share this in order to move on and make things better. It may mean that my blog may take on a different light and shall be more focused on doing things very different, Im not sure yet.

Now if you have taken the time to read this I thank you, please don’t feel sorry for me, I have so much to be grateful for and I really am, just know I’m not ignoring people, I don’t like saying No to so many social events its just a bit tough at the moment.

Im now off to wait for my boy to return home from school and celebrate on his turning 12, I’m pretty sure he should have had his Hogwarts letter by now, but then Ive not had mine yet and its 21 years late grrrrr.