Amira Rice Review and recipe

19 Jul

Hello everyone, todays post is brought to you by Amira rice, who sent me this lovely recipe box to have a go at one of their tasty rice recipes.20150702_115821The recipe they sent me to try was their Jewelled Persian Rice with pomegranates, walnuts and parsley.

You can find the Recipe on their website by clicking this LINK

I love rice, its something I just seem to love more then any other stable in the house. I buy it in bulk and its always in my pantry. Although I’ve never purchased Amira rice before so this was a first for our house.Finished riceThe recipe did take a little over an hour to make, which means some careful planning if you are going to make it.

The finished product was a very sweet crunchy rice dish that was very colourful and very aromatic. It would be a great addition to a picnic as it tastes just as sweet and tender cold as it does warm. As silly as it sounds I would maybe try without pomegranates in future as I have decided I don’t like them, but I did try them. The cranberries were a nice addition, something I wouldn’t have thought about using with rice.

The rice, for me is what makes a dish either something special or something sticky and gross. I was a bit apprehensive with cooking the rice in a pan as I use a rice cooker which makes my rice perfect every time and with very little clean up needed. So I thought I may make a mess of this recipe, but I didn’t and the end result was a tasty rice cooked just right. The rice was in fact very easy to cook.WP_20150706_005I would definitely buy this rice again for future use as the grain was beautiful, long and tasted like no other rice we have had. When I opened the bag, the first thing you notice is the smell, its a beautiful and very aromatic.

Amira age their superior aromatic rice for 12 months, that’s where it gets its fantastic smell from.WP_20150706_021If you like your rice like I do, then I would recommend you try this rice. Its available to buy in Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and Waitrose.

Amira sent me this recipe kit to try at home for free. All thoughts and words are my own.