Top Food Saving Hacks for the Kitchen

26 Jan

January is always a difficult time of year for anyone. Here at the Craftybluefox household we try and do what we can to help save money and waste. So here are some of my top food saving hacks for you to try.

  1. Leftover stale bread can be used to make tasty croutons. Simply cut of the crusts, spread with butter and bake for 15 mins. Easy.
  2. Use your leftover onion, carrot or celery to make an easy stock. Pop all your leftovers into a pan of water, season and simmer. You can even freeze it and store for use another day.
  3. Make sure you keep your fridge at the right temperature. A cheap fridge thermometer can be purchased form places like Wilko’s. If your food is being kept at above 5c then the food will go off quicker.
  4. Raw eggs can be frozen “What! Really? ” yes, absolutely. Either divide the yolk and whites into separate bags or beat together before freezing.
  5. Mash any of your leftover ripe bananas, dont let them go to waste. They can be frozen and used at a later date for delicious banana bread.
  6. If you have alot of milk that needs using up then try this tip. Turn the milk into white sauce and then freeze. This can be used later to make a delicious Lasagne or fish pie.
  7. Any leftover hard cheese like chedder can be grated and frozen in bags. You can then use later in omelettes, cheese bread or even homemade pizza.
  8. Raw meat should always be bagged up into smaller batches, so you can freeze whats not needed today. Or if you have a bit of extra time make a little more of what your are cooking and freeze the extra portion for days when you dont have time to cook.
  9. Most fruit can be frozen. So if you have a couple of grapes, a banana, a kiwi, 2 strawberries and a bit of melon leftover. Chop them up and pop them in a freezer bag and freeze. Once frozen you can use them to make a smoothie with either milk, lemonade or your fave milk alternative for a frozen treat.
  10. Microwave any lemon or Limes you are using for a few seconds to get the last bits of juice and make the most out of it.

I hope these tips will help you save money and make less waste in your home. You can always get lots more advice and help by visiting the love food hate waste website.

All images came from the following artist Ladyhee