Its time for a healthy change for the whole family

23 Apr

Right, that’s it, Its time for a healthy change for the whole family.

I’m sick of feeling miserable about life, my body, my lack of a job come August and everything in between.

Healthy Eating change

I need to get to grips with my eating habits. I used to run, eat healthy and drink loads of water. It showed as my skin was clear, my body felt better and I had far less health problems. Here I am in August 2014, happy, healthy and with a far better state of mind.

Its amazing that my weight plays such a huge factor in how I feel every day.

So its time we are making a huge change to what we eat , drink and do.  From Monday we will be eating healthy and getting moving and we all need a kick up the bum. The challenge this time round will be to do it on a budget and stick to a meal plan.

Meal planning used to come so naturally to us as a family. For some strange reason we stopped making the plans. As you can imagine this is where we fell of the wagon.

I’ve already stocked up thanks to the Easter bargains on veggies last week. I have some frozen carrots, potatoes ready for use as roasts and also some slimming world chips. These healthy changes wont happen if I don’t prepare in advance.

Pinterest is often my go to place for any recipes I need for slimming world if i decide to use slimming world as my tool this time. Has anyone had great success with any other weight loss programmes or can give me any advice I can follow?

I know for this healthy change to take effect the first thing I need to do is commit. Ive spent all day today pondering whether or not to post this. If I put it out there in cyber space I have to do it right?

Heres hoping I can