Successfully adding Sock Knitting to my list of achievements this year

25 Jan

Sock knitting you either love it or hate it.

Its been very quiet here in the crafty household this month. January blues kick in. You feel even more in need of saving money and keeping your pennies tight to your purse. So i’m here to cheer you up with this post. A simple share of something I’ve been trying to learn for a few years now. Although the attempt ends up being thrown into a corner and forgotten about for another 6 months. That’s right, its sock knitting.

So yes knitted socks, the once bane of my life are now something i can proudly make.

Thanks to Winwick mum and her super simple how to guide, I have managed to crack not only the short circular but my DPNS also.

So far I have made 3 pairs, the first are a little rough but are my pair so I’m not worried. A second was made for my mum entirely on the short circular but i found my progress much slower. So a third pair was made on DPNS for my sister and I found these knitted up much faster.

I chose self striping yarn each time, and I love seeing how the patterns came out each time it was a different result. 

I will take part in the sock drawer challenge this year so I have a few pairs ready for next winter to keep my feet toasty, because they really are a very toasty pair of socks.

The sock knitting yarn is quite expensive so i’ve been saving the scraps from each pair. I will be making some Frankenstein socks with the leftovers. Its far to expensive to waste. I’m tempted to make more for Christmas presents over the course of the year to save buying so much in December. But I haven’t decided for sure on who would enjoy receiving a pair.

Many thanks for popping by and taking a look at my socks. 😉