Spirits, Putting the ‘Merry’ in Christmas with 31Dover

30 Nov

Last week I was approached by the company 31Dover to try some Christmas spirits in order to make Christmas a merry one this year.

I was sent 3 samples to try and give my review on them.

Spirit samples

Kraken Spiced Rum                  Sipsmith Sloe Gin              Jack Daniels Single Barrel

Firstly looking at the bottle designs my favourite has to be the Kraken. It looks just like something straight out of a steampunk novel  with its design and shape.

We decided to try the drinks neat in order to truly appreciate the tastes and flavours.

First up was the Sloe Gin. Sloe gin is something i have wanted to try and make for many years. I’m always on the lookout for sloes in my local area, however I can never find any. I was apprehensive at first as I’ve only ever drank Gin once in its gin in a tin form of a G&T. Not a glorious moment and I wouldn’t do it again, ever.

Anyway, sloes are a fruit from the blackthorn bush  which aren’t usually ready until the very late autumn early winter. They are what gives the Gin its pretty colour and fruity taste.sloe

The Sloe gin turned out to be my favourite of all the 3 drinks. It was fruity and tasty and has me even more ambitious to find some sloes next year to make my own.Sloe Gin

Next up was the Kraken.

Interesting note, if you put rum and steampunk together in on google search you get lots of pictures of this rum. Its funny because that’s exactly what it made me think of.

I can imagine it being swigged by an airship captain. Oo err yes, that’s what I was thinking when I stumbled across this image on pinterest.steampunk-captainAnyway back to the drink. The rum was a tasty one, very warming in the tummy and would in my opinion go well in a nice tall glass of coke with some ice.

I love the bottle, did I already say that? I think this would be a gift that cant be thrown away even after all the delicious contents are gone. I’ve seen some very creative ideas on google and pinterest from vases to photography props with the bottles.

I’ve used the remainder of my sample to soak my Christmas cake I have made for my dad who is a big Lambs Navy Rum drinker. Perhaps I can change him over to the Kraken side.

Lastly the whisky.

I’ve always wanted to like whisky, I see so many of my friends drinking JD’S and coke, and I really wanted to like it too.

However I was not keen on the whisky. Its far to strong and hot for me. I feel my mouth pucker a little even sipping it. So even though its a quality, beautiful and well known spirit. Its still not for me.

I even tried blending it with my beloved Tassimo machine to make it more of a hot toddy I believe they are called when spirits are added.

Tassimo whiskyI took an Oreo Tassimo and combined with the whisky. Just a small amount and not too much as too overpower the taste of the drink.

The result with spirits addedThe result was this excellent winter warmer. Still not going to make me buy it but not so bad that i’m left hating the drink anymore.

So if you are thinking of treating a loved one this year then perhaps its time to check out what 31Dover has on their website.

Id certainly be more than happy to receive a bottle of slow gin for Christmas, and even those with a distaste for gin may be pleasantly surprised by its fruity and pleasant taste.

The Kraken is most definitley a show stopper. If you know a rum drinker then I guarantee they will love this from the bottle design to the taste and flavour. A worthwhile present.

The whisky I believe is a present suited to those with a taste for the drink. I have decided I wouldn’t buy whisky for anyone I didn’t already know liked it, purely because its one of those spirits that can only be enjoyed by those who appreciate its flavour.

Thankyou to 31Dover for sending me the samples.

I was sent the samples free of charge, and all opinions are my own.