Shopping at everything 5 pounds. Is it worth it?

9 May

So the other day I received my Parcel of items I ordered from Its a site I’ve been meaning to try out for some time but haven’t had the money to spend on myself.

I saw moneysavingexperts coupon to get a 6th item free and free delivery so I jumped at the opportunity. I picked 6 Items.

In case you don’t already know. Everything 5 pounds is a website that sells clothes and accessories from major retailers for you guessed it, 5 pounds.

You don’t know where the items are from or who made them until the package arrives on your door.

You literally pay 5 pounds for each item and you choose them based on what they look like, not who made them.

A pair of trainers, 2 tops, 2 jeans and a dress. Total cost £25

My Jeans turned out to be from Asdas George range but everything else was from a company called Marvellous?

The items are all good quality, no cheap materials.

I would definitely use again. It said my postage would have normally been £8 something. So i’m guessing the p&p costs go on weight. I think if they offered free postage it would certainly encourage me to buy from them more often.

So yes it you feel like breaking the traditional mould of purchasing a particular item for its brand name then go for it. You don’t know what you will get and its a refreshing change to pick clothes purely on the picture.

This is not a paid review I simply felt like sharing my experience with something I have been unsure about doing for a while. Hopefully it will help you decide if its for you or not.