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S-Con 2012 the big post (warning Pic heavy) review

Ok so as promised im gonna blog about S-con an event I helped organise, which was held on April 1st 2012 at Scunthorpe Central Library.

When i say I helped organise it, I really mean a little bit of behind the scenes promo, and helping organise dealers and freebies etc.

So anyway we had loads of things lined up for S-con including some fabulous guest like Sonia Leong from Sweatdrop Studios, and the Lovely Akemi Solloway who came and brought a little more culture to the event with her lectures on shinto and Japanese traditions.

We had retailers from across the UK, and Artists from local areas and further afield.

Competitions were held, gaming was Done, and fun was had by all.

So on the day we get a full house, over 200 people turned up, in fact we had to send people away we was that full.

We had loads of fantastic Cosplayers. I myself went in Steampunk attire, a first for myself. Im still not sure I like it.

So let me share a few photos taken of the event.

Here are some of the Cosplayers that came, Click the picture for a better look x

Also we had a lady from Lincoln with her Beautiful BJD’s (Ball Jointed Dolls) She had lots with her, I only got a few pictures.
We also had guests and Artists
We had retailers galore
My part was holding my table of Amigurumi so heres a picture of me….dun dun dun..In the dreaded outfit along with my buddy Pinkie Pie. When i find a picture of my table I will post it.
See Pinkie Pie in this Picture? Thats my friend Abi, she truely is Pinkie Pie in every sense of the character. It was also her birthday on the Same day, and she came anyway and helped out with her Art corner, which i heard was incredibly popular. So as a surprise I made her a cake
Would you like to see the cake?
Ok here it is

He he a Pinkie Pie cake for Pinkie Pie.

We also raised a nice sum of money for Akemi Solloways charity Aid for Japan which helps children that have been orphaned by the disasters Japan suffered not so long ago. Such a good cause.


So to sum it up, the event went incredibly well. Too say this time last year we was telling everyone that due to Tokyopop going bust there would be no more Recon events in the UK. So we took it into our own hands and held this completly self sufficient event. S-CON.

perhaps there will be another.

Watch this space April 2013

Peace Out x

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  1. Congrats on a successful S-Con!

    • Thankyou it has been a tiring few months helping to sort it. Hopefully everyone enjoyed and they will find some more committee members to take on next year.

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