How to refresh old clothing and bedding with Dylon

4 May

As the title suggests I have recently refreshed my old bedspread with some Dylon I picked up from my place of work.

Ive been ummming and arrrring about doing it for sometime but never gotten around to actually doing it until the other day.

First of all lets talk about my old bedspread.

My bedspread is a poly cotton blend so I knew it would take the new colour reasonably well. Its approximately 15 years old and a cream colour.

As you can see it has stitching which Im hoping the Dye will take too as Ive heard if its polyester cotton it wont take. Its pretty sorry looking and has seen better days, but I refuse to get rid of it as it does make our bed so much warmer in the winter.

Anyway, I had a look through the colours available and the one I chose was China blue. 

The colour is a bit washed out on this picture, it is a very pretty looking powder blue colour. Perfect for my bedroom.

So firstly you need to wash your item to remove any stains or marks that will stop the fabric absorbing the dye. No problem, popped into the wash and done.

Then you need to remove it from the machine and pop the contents of the boxes into the drum of your washer. Then add the item you have just washed and put it on a 40c cycle. I will confess that once it started I sat and watched the washer for about 15 minutes. Watching the bedspread slowly change colour was fascinating.

No salt required in these dyes which is brilliant.  This is the old colour stock now which I purchased for £3.50 each so it cost me total £7 to change the colour of my bedspread. I do believe Dylon has now changed their colour range and China blue is now called Vintage blue.

Once the machine has finished its cycle, you need to add detergent and run another 40c cycle. This removes any leftover dye and cleans the item ready for drying.

Pop on the line to dry when finished, and put your machine on another cycle to clean it through for any normal loads. I must admit After I did this I did go over the seals and glass of my machine with a damp cloth to remove anything leftover. I did come across some leftover dye but not much.

The finished article was incredibly hard to get a picture of, as natural light seems to wash out all trace of colour and it appears a very very pale blue, as seen in the picture below.

It’s much closer to the actual colour which is featured below which is lovely.

I’m happy with the result which is what counts I guess even If I cant quite capture its true colour.

My mother in Law has had some excellent results with old no longer white grubby towels. They turned into a vibrant pink and they look brand new. So if you have any old sheets, towels etc I would definitely recommend giving them a new colour.

You can purchase Dylon from your local  WIlko


This is not a paid review of this product, I purchased the items myself. I have done this review purely because I am satisfied with the product and wanted to share my experience with others. Dylon did not contact me for this review.