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No wonder you’re late. Why, this watch is exactly two days slow!

Stocking wig


Yeah so onto a totally other topic other than my love of cooking, baking and crafts, that is Anime and Manga.

I had completely given up on going to Manchesters MCM Expo today since I felt I had no one who truely wanted to go with me. Therefore I had completely forgotten all about it.

My son is I believe still a bit too young to come as its very busy and there can be some rather eccentric people there. Although I know he would quite happily to don a costume and play dress up for the day. (since mummy makes him anything he wants) xx

It wasn’t until browsing through some pictures ive seen today that it made me wish I had made the effort to go. I dont know why I wanted to go, seen as it makes me feel very old and there’s only so many characters you can cosplay as when your 27 and not as slim as youd like to be. But i guess the selfish part of me was craving the quirkiness of a mini convention just to have a laugh and mainly get a good scope of all the handmade costumes you come across.! Seriously some people are like MEGA  TALENTED with pretty much household items that they turn into these amazing props and costumes.


I still love my costume making, but find I dont have the time or the money to do it nowadays, esp with having no where to actually wear them too. I also still find

myself ploughing through sites such as Cosplay and looking on ebay for cheap cosplay bits, just because I hope one day ill actually use them again.


Ideally id find myself a size 12( I still want my boobs), id make an awesome costume from World of Warcraft, possible a Draenai Paladin in a tiered set, then me and the family would Jet off to where ever BLIZZCON was being held and just have an awesome time! This I realise is about as likely to happen as me being a size 12!



I bought a Stocking wig from ebay months ago which i love, but sadly i think i will never be able to put to good use.  There it is in all its prettyfull glory just waiting to be loved. Perhaps i should sell it? im not sure. I have about 3 meteres of yellow satin which i planned on using to make a Disney dress with but decided against it.


I have a beautiful Aqua green wig which is a lovely colour as i wanted to do Michiru from Sailor Moon, but my friend who planned to play Sailor Uranus has since changed their minds about cosplay so ive given up on that.



I started and still have a love of old victorian dress styles, and I have a fantastic pattern for a Victorian day dress. But once agan I gave up and buckled. Steampunk fascinates me, and a few months back I saw a couple dressed in steampunk in my town, and I was in shock. Since our town really doesn’t tolerate other peoples uniqueness! Mainly because its full of Cider drinking Chavs who only leave the house to collect their Dole money!

So the question is this! Should i give in on my cosplay days?

Another option would be to considor taking my son next year, that and lose approx half of my body weight , oh and take up extra work to fund the trip to blizzcon lol















Ah well C’est La Vie

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  1. Best be tier 2! Am game for blizzcon tho :p

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