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How to make a makeshift candle for zombie invasions and apocalyptic events!

Hello, heres a quick fun geeky survival tip for running out of candles. If you have ever watched a zombie or apocalyptic film, then I know you have had the “what if “conversation in your head.

What if zombies invaded?

What if the whole planet lost power?

What if there was an infectious disease…

Can I survive on my kitchen cupboard ?

Do we have enough batteries and candles?

What could we use as weapons?

Dont lie to me, we all have done it, lol

I found this info on a survivalist you tube video. A lady makes these up in advance in canning Jars and stores them for in case of emergency situations.

Firstly I would like to say that this should not be attempted without adult supervision. Nor should you ever leave a burning candle unattended or with children.

Ok so to make your candle you are going to need 3 items, which are….

  • Trex or Crisco. (Vegetable fat) I havent tried any other fats but some may work, some may not.
  • A glass of heatproof jar, you will want something that wont crack or melt.
  • A piece of paper for the wick ( you could use string but since this is survival mode you may not have any fancy packing string available to you.
candle Equipment

candle Equipment


Next you are gonna want to smush your fat into your jar. I used spoons but if time is of the essence then anything that can be salvaged as a digging tool will do.


Smush your fat into your candle

Smush your fat into your candle


Next you need to take your strip of paper and twist it till its really tight and will stay together. You are going to push this into the fat in the centre, then use small amount of fat and cover the visible wick with it.

It should look something like this

Roll and twist a strip of paper into a tight wick.

Roll and twist a strip of paper into a tight wick.


There you go, its as simple as that. You could make a few and lid them up for transportation or for on the run.

I lit mine to see how they lasted, as the video I got this from declared them as the 24 hour candle. Which when you think a small candle wouldnt last that long these could really help out.

It took a while for the candle to take hold, and once lit there was that instant veg fat smell, along with a little smoke from the paper. But once this settled down you dont really notice it too much.

Lit candle

Lit candle


So now you have a candle that will survive most probably longer then I would in a zombie or otherwise dangerous event.

Time to hunt zombies

Hunting Zombies or just keeping out the dark.

Hunting Zombies or just keeping out the dark.

As ive stated, you must be very careful with fire, and do not leave it alone.

This post is of course purely a bit of fun, with my poor sense of zombie humour

But the candles do work in case of emergency.

Zombie survival

Zombie survival



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