Knitting gets retro with my knitting machine

11 May

Did your mum or Grandma ever use one of these majestic beasts? The humble knitting machine has long been put to the backs of cupboards and attics, but I think its time for a come back.

This machine I picked up off my local selling site for a £25 fee. It had everything inside and has been stored but was in very good condition.

I joined a few facebook groups and learnt how to service the machine before use.  I also had a good look on youtube familiarising myself with the lingo. It helps if you have some understanding of normal hand knitting. It will also help when you drop a stitch or need to repair it that you know how to fix a ladder.

I took the whole machine apart, and set too cleaning every single needle with WD40 .

The sponge bar had completely disintegrated which from my research is very common. So I pulled out the gunk, it really was ribbon and gunk and cleaned the tunnel. I found a hack that satin ribbon and condensation stripping works as a makeshift sponge bar. So far so good it held the needles up well as a break.

I decided to download the instructions for it and have a good read through, and I followed the instructions for producing a test swatch.  After a play about with tension, yarn, and just getting a feel for the machine I decided on making something.

This is going to make me use up all the wool I’ve stashed over the last few years and make something worthwhile.

Starting with some wool I purchased from Button box in my local town. I’ve been meaning to make it for a long time but my hands just don’t like large knitting projects. The lady who owns the shop is lovely and always has time for me waffling on about what I’m doing, making and looking for. If you want to check out her facebook page its in the link above x

First project, my harry potter scarf. That’s a Ravenclaw house scarf from the I believe the 3rd year costumes. Ravenclaw is my house and my hubby is a Slytherin. I think I would have been Slytherin if it wasn’t for my love of books and knowledge. My boy is a Ravenclaw too, what house are you? Let me know in the comments.

I made it twice as wide then folded it in half. Seamed the sides and turned the right way round. Its very long approx 6ft and is very heavy. It feels like the real deal. Knitting Machines do have their limits though.  Please don’t think I’m going to compare my machine knitted items to my hand knitted ones. I’m not. I haven’t learnt any other stitches yet apart from knitting and changing my colours.

I will be looking up how to make some other items soon, Id like to make some jumpers and Ive also heard you can make socks. Just think of the speed I will be able to complete these in. It makes me giddy just thinking about it.

I’m hoping that by Christmas it will have whipped up numerous items for gifts etc and it will be getting plenty of use.

It is at least now not being hidden in an attic or cupboard and is giving someone some Joy again.