Healthy meals for the fridge with sweet sticky chicken

26 Apr

Hello readers.  Today has been and interesting day and on the healthy food front I’m doing quite well.

Ive spent some time prepping some chicken and rice prep boxes for our fridge which me and the hubby eat for our lunches. Just heat up and enjoy.

I used brown rice which I cook in bulk in my rice cooker. If like me you love rice and suck at cooking it. I really do suggest buying a rice cooker. It makes perfect rice all the time and I love it.

I fry my chicken with freshly crushed garlic, then add a small cup of light soy sauce and 1/3 cup of honey.

The result is a sticky sweet chicken with your choice of healthy veggies.

I used 2 chicken breasts and it made 4 meal boxes. You could easily double up this to make more boxes for more people however I wouldn’t suggest making more then 4 days worth of boxes for one person, unless you were to make a new batch of rice for the later boxes.Trying to keep to a budget and healthy eating is proving quite the challenge for us at the moment. We have been so used to filling up using potatoes its been certainly interesting.

I also had a tidy up under my stairs today in my larder cupboard and found the brand new 8 in 1 cooker my mum gave me as she couldn’t get on with it. Unfortunately and putting it on to heat up, it tripped our electrics twice. We tried changing the lead and the fuse but it made no difference. It started to smoke so its had to be binned.

I was quite disappointed as its only been used once by my mum and it was brand new. Its really annoying when that happens. I really do hate throwing away electrical items. So we have kept what we can from it. My husband is going to use the frying sieve for cleaning his fish tank stones.

I’ve also started a new crochet project. Trying to use up my leftover Stylecraft yarn and using Lucy from Attic 24’s pattern for the Hyacinth blanket. The colours are mainly pastels but Ive been itching to use the new Mushroom, Vintage peach and Buttermilk I picked up when they came out.

The new colours are absolutely gorgeous. I do love how they blend together really well.

The new pattern Lucy has created is simple and very very easy to follow. Once you have the foundation chain sorted you will not need to refer back to the pattern at all.

I’m going to sew my ends in as I go this time, nothing worse then sewing in a million ends. Have you got a favourite Attic 24 blanket you love?