Having a Winter clear out and getting ready for the colder months

29 Nov

Winter is fast on its way over here in Lincolnshire. Last night we saw it drop to below zero so its definitely on its way. We have had a rough November with a lot of sickness in the house. Hubby has been suffering the worst as his cough turned into a weeks worth of steroids and to top it off, he has fractured 2 ribs coughing .

With my first day off of the week, I decided to get some cleaning and de-cluttering done ahead of Christmas.

First job of the day was setting too and putting a tasty Beef stew in the Slow cooker for our tea.Winter Beef StewAfter popping in the stew I set too clearing out my kitchen.

Firstly I went through my food cupboards and took out all the tins and boxes and wiped the shelves down with some stardrops disinfectant.

Then I checked all my dates and made sure everything was still usable, or that we would actually want to eat it. If it was something we wont eat, it went in a bag to go to someone who needed it.

After tackling my cupboards I set too sorting the cleaning supplies cupboard, which also houses the medicine and emergency items like candles and batteries etc.

Got a good idea of what painkillers we have and what we don’t have. Made a list of things I need to replenish this week.

Now it was time to tackle the pantry. A good Winter clean up should always involve checking your emergency supplies.

I have 2 big bags of Rice ready for any time I need them, we also need to look at getting another big bag of potatoes as ours is down to the last of the bag.

Checked a few of my herbs and spices, and discovered I need some more chilli powder, and Oregano.

This was my pantry with all the rubbish pulled out and being sorted, I’m actually quite ashamed it got this bad.

Winter Pantry PrepPlease excuse the Rat cages, they are currently being kept in there to keep the dust down in the front room for hubby while he fights this horrid cold.

Time to have a rest and a cup of hot chocolate.

Winter Tassimo treat

After a quick refuelling session it was onto cleaning out the piggies and prepping them for the lower temperatures.Hutches winter readyThree black bags of rubbish from combined cleaning and the animals….phew what a day.Winter stew is readyStew is ready and time to eat.  A simple day, with simple tasks but now I’m happy to start stocking up for the winter. I’m one of those people who likes to make sure I have things in the house in case for any reason we cant get out. It may seem a bit gloomy but it has never caused a problem and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for a bad Winter.

Do you prepare for winter? If so what do you do?